Stunning revelation: Smith, Sparks Street just the same street

In a stunning revelation that has rocked the community, it turns out that Smith and Sparks Street are, apparently, the same street.

“The world suddenly makes a little less sense,” said a homeowner who lives on Smith, or so he thought. “If Smith is just Sparks, then what have I been doing with my life?”

Eagle eyed residents became suspicious when they realized there was no discernable difference between the two streets. Like, Sparks just continues into Smith then, just becomes Sparks again.

“Honestly, I didn’t even realize either of those were its names,” said a homeowner on nearby Starling Street. “I thought it was Sampson Street until this very moment.”

A recent independent study confirms that, yeah, it is weird they’re two different streets.

The intersection where Smith becomes Sparks. Or the other way around, it’s difficult to say.