Stunning report: shoveling driveway leading cause of COVID symptoms in Kitimat

A stunning report has drawn a direct link between shoveling your driveway and the onset on COVID symptoms.

Experts are saying this correlation may give spouses pause so as not to put their families at risk.

“I was outside taking care of this late snowfall,” says area resident Glen Hardwick. “Then all of a sudden I realized I was feeling a little warm.”

He discovered in addition to the warmth on his face which he believed maybe was a fever, he was suddenly feeling a little more tired and out of breath, which was who knows, maybe illness related and not from the exertion of the work, perhaps.

The Government of Canada website lists, among other symptoms, that feeling feverish, and shortness of breath are included as COVID symptoms.

“Look, all I’m saying is maybe I should just stay inside,” added Hardwick. “If shoveling the driveway is going to get my family sick, I need to be the responsible one and not put them through that.”

The report has not been peer-reviewed.

In the interest of responsibility, don’t forget to actually take COVID-19 seriously, even if shoveling may not ACTUALLY lead to illness.

Check out the BC Government website for information about booking a vaccination appointment, current Public Health Orders, and other relevant information.