Finally! Snowfall gives chance for new snow clearing Roombas to be deployed

Automation for the win! The Ministry of Transportation had been waiting patiently for a large snowfall in the Kitimat-Terrace area to finally unleash their new collection of snow-clearing Roombas.

The automated vacuum systems aren’t just for getting stuck in your living room anymore! State of the art suction technology means roads can be cleared quickly without the hassle of paid, human workers.

The automated system means they can automatically be deployed at the first sign of snow! So far the only minor problems with these machines are that they can only move at 8 km/h, can only hold about 2 kg of snow, and will run out of battery after 13 minutes, blocking traffic potentially for hours.

“In hindsight we should not have made snow clearing machinery solar rechargeable. I guess we didn’t think far enough ahead to realize they would rarely be operating in sunlight,” said a Ministry spokesperson.