Scandal! No one knows if it’s “Cable Car” or “Cablecar”

The community of Kitimat has been rocked with allegations this week that there is no standard spelling of the Cablecar/Cable Car neighbourhood.

Concerns first materialized from the Coast Mountain School District website, where their bus schedule is shared.

“For your information, provided below are the bus schedules/routes for Kitimat, Cablecar and the Kitamaat Village within Coast Mountains School District 82 for the 2018-2019 School Year. ” read the website, bolding is our emphasis.

The suspicion was immediate.

“Definitely that didn’t look right,” said a Kitimat resident who preferred to remain anonymous.

Meanwhile, the District of Kitimat’s own website, profiling a playground location, provide alternative spelling.

“Cable Car Playground,” headlines this page.

Naturally, it being the local municipality, you would think theirs would be the final word.


A District of Kitimat zoning map has, meanwhile, opted for the single-word spelling.

Of course, the town just can’t seem to get its act straight! If you view the Municipal Code, you’ll find they’ve once again switched back to the two-word spelling.

If nothing else, can we at least trust BC Transit? Their posted fares brochure matches the Municipal Code’s two-word spelling.

The sad reality is the truth may never be fully known, so long as the powers that be continually work to keep the public in the dark.