Conservation Officers hopeful strategically placed notes deter local bears

Amidst historical outcry over the destruction of local bears, the Conservation Officer Service is adopting a gentler approach, drafting firm but kind messaging they hope will reach the local wildlife in Kitimat.

“Shoo, bear!” reads the note, kindly signed by the Conservation Officer Service.

The notes will be left on people’s driveways, in parks, and by the soccer fields and schools. It is anticipated the bears will read the notes, think carefully, and presumably decide to move on to more welcoming neighbourhoods away from Kitimat.

By adopting the notes, Conservation Officers hopes to reduce the need for bear destruction in the future.

Critics generally believe it’s a well-intentioned program but question whether wild bears will generally understand the “shoo” colloquialism and whether it would have been better to use more formal, direct language that the bears would understand.