With construction boom on horizon, affordable housing concerns hits residents of Squirrel Park

Residents of Squirrel Park are concerned over issues of affordable housing and high density housing, as a potential LNG Canada decision nears.

The squirrels convened a special housing meeting last week, as news reports tease the prospect of an LNG Canada Final Investment Decision.

“Our already burdened housing market will surely reach greater pressure,” said Betty, a squirrel.

She’s already been concerned with new residents, including a fox which has developed a home near the roots of one of the nearby trees.

“These trees are already over-developed. Who approved that building permit?” Betty continued.

The demographics of Squirrel Park are certainly shifting for residents, with more birds and small mammals taking up residency.

“You know, I moved here to enjoy that balance of urban amenities and nature,” Betty concluded. “Honestly I can barely recognize my neighbourhood anymore.”