So sentimental! Community can hardly remember a time before large, gaping hole in Kitimat downtown

Residents in Kitimat are proving to be a sentimental bunch, as many have tearfully expressed how they can hardly remember a time before a large gaping hole appeared on one of the town’s sidewalks. 

“You know, you never know how a new addition to the community will affect you, but after many, many months with it, I couldn’t imagine living here without it,” said Fiona Kelley.

The giant, gaping, community-unifying hole is directly next to the Kitimat RCMP station, where the crosswalk is across Lahakas Boulevard. Many residents can’t even recall when it first appeared, nor would they want to.

“This is just part of our Kitimat family now,” added John Getty. “Sure this hole wasn’t planned, but it’s part of who we are now. I wouldn’t trade it for anything.”

In an effort to underline just how valuable this hole is to the community, the District’s Public Works department is being flooded with “Save our hole!” letters from residents. Community members are also rallying together a Letter to the Editor campaign for more visibility.

With the recent heavy rains the hole may also double as an outdoor community swimming pool.