Kitimatians desperately calculating hours of sun remaining in forecast like some crazed weather accountants

The residents of Kitimat are in a desperate bid to calculate how much sunlight remains in the forecast to adequately budget their summer activities.

As it stands, the forecast is showing mostly sunny weather leading all the way to next Wednesday, with temperatures reaching 35 degrees, or so they claim.

“I’ve seen forecasts like this before, but in the blink of an eye you can have cloud and wind disrupting your backyard activities,” said resident Thomas Gehr.

Using a complex mathematical formula, residents of Kitimat are quickly turning to their Excel worksheets to run risk assessments which will determine how much sun they realistically will get for the summer.

With just more than 40 days remaining until September 4,  with average length of day being 16 hours, there’s only approximately 640 hours of total sunlight possible until the kids return to school.

Accounting for time at work, at 27 working days until September 4, that removes 216 hours from the equation.  (Scheduled holidays are a variable figure which must be calculated on an individual basis.)

So with 424 total hours now possible, we need to account for variations of weather. In August 2017 there was 79.2 mm of rain occurring on 16 separate days. Assuming each day which had more than 1 mm of rain can be classified as a “cloudy day”, that is 11 cloudy days, or 88 daylight hours spent under cloud, accounting for working hours.

That brings us to 336 total sunlight hours estimated using those August historicals.

So enjoy 14 more days of good weather until school’s back, or 34% of our remaining summer being sunny.

Have a great day.