Realtors clearing inventory ahead of expected boom, all homes now marked Buy One Get One free

It’s certainly a¬†buyer’s market!

Realtors in Kitimat are preparing themselves for the expected industrial boom which will certainly affect the housing market in town. To clear out old inventory, all houses in Kitimat are now on a Buy One Get One clearance.

Of course there’s always the fine print: the second home has to be equal or lesser value as the first one, and there are no exchanges or returns.

Many in Kitimat are excitedly rushing to the realty offices to get their super deals, with the more shrewd shoppers even remembering to bring in the coupons they clipped from the newspaper.

“I’ve spent so much time trying to decide between two houses in town,” said one house shopper. “It’s such a relief I don’t have to make that choice anymore with the BOGO sale.”