Survey: Friends complaining about snow edges out actual snow for Kitimat’s biggest pet peeve this week

A surprise result from a recent community survey puts your friends complaining about the snow as the community’s biggest pet peeve, beating out the actual snow.

The survey asked what’s bugging residents the most, from the surprising spring snowfalls, to the “will-they-won’t they” drama of LNG projects.

“What we discovered in this survey is that as much as the snow is annoying everyone, it elevates the nuisance when everyone you know is talking about it,” said lead surveyor Marge Iner. “One respondent said as much when they wrote ‘it’s bad enough to see it out my window but Lord help me if I have to talk about it too.'”

The surveyors will be interested to see if the trend maintains for later in the year when Kitimat’s August pet peeve is that it’s too hot.