Exciting new changes for Kitimat Adventures board game

Are you ready for Kitimat Adventures 2.0? Re-tooled for the Millenial generation, here are some upcoming, exciting new card rules for this famous local favourite!

  • While on the trail, your vovo is beginning to get nervous about you. Use your carrier pigeon from the Prep and Plan stage to deliver a message letting her know you are still safe. Repeat every 2 turns.
  • You slip on the ice and require Search and Rescue. Roll a 4 or higher to get taken to safety before the Northern Sentinel gets wind of this.
  • You find yourself on the riverbank. Miss one turn while John tells you about this great fish he caught 3 years ago.
  • Prep and Plan stage now themed after Canadian Tire and Amazon.ca shopping experiences.
  • You have been caught in a sudden storm. Set up camp on the bank of Kitimat River and just hang out until September.
  • New Prep and Plan item: beer. But, like, not enough to make your trip dangerous or anything.
  • New Prep and Plan item: iPhone. If you collect this, spend remainder of game on Snapchat while others play.
  • New time limit: after 45 minutes of gameplay, begin to gently suggest Cards Against Humanity.