Elections officers working to eliminate Russian interference in 2018 Kitimat election

Working to ensure there’s no interference by foreign bodies, elections officers in the Northwest are keeping vigilante about Russian interference.

B.C.’s local elections, including municipal and school trustee, will take place on October 20 this year. Despite being the better part of a year away, work now will make sure there’s no misinformation campaigns conducted.

“We want a democracy that’s fair and not corrupted by foreign powers,” said a BC Elections representative. “We’ll make sure Kitimat’s election won’t be interfered with.”

To that end an election integrity officer has been appointed for Kitimat.

“The October election is in good hands,” said election officer Vladimir Popov.  “Vee’ll make sure of that.”

Just as in the high stakes American election, residents are advised to use judgement when seeing news stories in Kitimat which could be fake. Local authorities are already assuring Kitimatians that the town Council has not approved a $17 billion moon base to house a third ice rink, residents are not secretly being arrested by Rio Tinto for continuing to use the name “Alcan”,  and, finally, there’s no secret, extra quick highway to Terrace that only rich people use.