Scientists still figuring out why drive back to Kitimat from Terrace always longer than other way around

Debbie Fey says she’s lived in Kitimat more than 15 years and has yet to understand why the drive to Kitimat from Terrace is always longer than the original drive to Terrace.

Scientists as well are trying to figure out the phenomenon.

“We leave in the morning to go shopping and it’s fine, it takes a usual amount of time. But somehow in the early evening when it’s getting darker, the drive just takes soooooo long,” said Fey.

Researchers at the University of British Columbia are on the case as well.

“We’ve run the experiments and we’re still at a loss,” said head researcher Darren Miles. “We’re currently looking into whether the extra weight of Walmart purchases impacts travel times.”

As for the Fey family, they hope they’ll have answers soon.

“All I know is that I told someone I’d see them at 8 pm and this ride is taking me way longer than I thought,” said Debbie.