Kitimat Concert Association feels they’re near breakthrough in bringing Flo Rida to MET

The people behind the Kitimat Concert Association are feeling optimistic that their efforts to get Flo Rida to Kitimat will soon pay off.

Flo Rida is an American rap star, known for catchy hip-hop hits. He’s recorded music with artists from T-Pain and Lady Gaga.

Flo Rida. Photo by Adam Bielawski


“We really enjoyed his music and not long ago we realized, hey, putting on shows is what we do,” said Kitimat Concert Association spokesperson Tiffany Belle. “Lets works on making this happen.”

There have been a number of calls to Flo Rida’s agent and negotiations are progressing.

Of course the venue of Mount Elizabeth Theatre is not Flo Rida’s normal sort of preferred location.  Notably, an upcoming tour date for him to China is to the Shenzhen Universiade Sports Centre which has a capacity of more than 60,000 spectators.

Concert Association organizers, however, are confident he’ll enjoy the small town charm.