In effort to reduce congestion, future Smith Street Trick or Treaters will be eligible through government lottery

In an effort to cut down on the amount of Trick or Treaters on Smith Street and Sparks Street in future years, the District of Kitimat will implement a lottery draw with a cap at 114 youth.

The effort is to increase street safety in future years as well as to reduce the strain on candy resources for homeowners.

“Children ages 5 to 18 are eligible to participate in the lottery draw to determine their ability to trick or treat on the street,” said Kitimat’s mayor. “They must submit their name by December 15, and the draw will be conducted mid January.”

That will give a solid 10 months for residents to anticipate the number of kids they’ll receive that night and to plan their inventory of candy accordingly.

Meanwhile, the District of Kitimat is contemplating a Tax or Treat initiative which will allow the municipality to seize up to eight per cent of childrens’ accumulated candy, which will be used as relief aid for Sparks and Smith Street if they find they remain strained even with the lottery system.