Meet the iconic giant horse who stamped Kitimat’s horseshoe-shaped streets

Many people may not remember Stamps, the famous horse of Kitimat’s pioneer days, who ensured Kitimat would have its iconic horseshoe shaped streets.

“Stamps was a rare breed,” said Kitimat Historian Dr. Al Clive. “Towering larger than most buildings of the time, original town planner Clarence Stein was insistent to use its large hooves as the foundation for Kitimat’s roads.”

Kitimat’s famous Stamps.

And that he did, putting Stamps to work in Kitimat’s muddy wilderness, using trained squirrels to draw Stamps’ attention so he wouldn’t wander too far into the bush. Boy did he love those squirrels.

Sadly, town leaders at the time, being human-centric, decided against naming one of Stamp’s own streets after him, despite community protests in 1959 to have him recognized.

Stamps would continue to leave his mark on the community though. When he passed away burial was of course difficult, but mounds of Earth were piled on top of him, eventually forming Clague Mountain.

The likeness of a squirrel on the mountainside was added in his honour, to commemorate what he loved the most. Besides stamping.