As residents debate, Kitimat River pretty sure it made its position on riverbank camping clear

The Kitimat River is pretty sure it made its position clear on the subject of riverbank camping.

The District of Kitimat Council this week was set to discuss the future of allowing camping along the river, after significant rain caused a drastic rise in the water level.

The ensuing flood along the banks trapped vehicles and instigated dramatic rescues by emergency personnel.

The Kitimat River says its position on riverbank camping should be quite clear now.

“Everyone’s debating now about what they should do about camping along my banks,” said River. “But I think by what you saw on September 11 this year, it’s abundantly clear where I stand on the matter.”

The Snow Valley Guardian tried to get clarification on where the River stands on the complex issues of land ownership, liabilities and the economic factors of the summer-time campers, but River was non-committal on the subject and tended to meander in the discussion.