Man stuns even himself with how fast he shifted from complaining about cold to heat

Proudly stunning himself for how quickly he could adapt to Kitimat’s heat wave, area man Donald Gaulin reflected how he managed to shift seamlessly from complaining about a chilly, damp July to an overheated late July and August.

“One minute I’m whining about the cold, how odd the summer has been, and before you know it it’s in the 30s and here I am going, you know what? It’s too hot now.”

It was an amazing switch and required careful discipline to pull it off smoothly, he said.

But will he be able to perform the same feat in reverse? The upcoming weekend is calling for cooler weather and even some rain, leaving many to wonder if Gaulin can perform the stunt again.

“Oh sure,” said Gaulin. “I’m already working on my messaging about how of course the weather will turn on Saturday. Can we not have more than a single nice weekend in Kitimat?”