New ‘Prayer Rescue’ truck to send positive thoughts at future emergencies

The Kitimat Fire Department has added a new state-of-the-art truck to its fleet – the new Prayer Rescue.

The truck uses cutting edge technology to concentrate positive thoughts and prayers and direct them to any emergency they may face.

“Traditionally, we of course have used water and our ladder trucks to combat things such as house fires in Kitimat,” said a fire department spokesperson. “But we know that Kitimat has a lot of untapped positive energy. By harnessing these thoughts we can utilize effective firefighting techniques and dramatically cut our operational costs in the process.”

The truck will refill its tanks by having firefighters canvass social media during emergencies, and will call upon representatives of area churches to ensure a steady stream of prayer and well wishes during its operations.

So far the truck has been very successful. Nearly 100 per cent of the patients the fire department has handled since it went into service have “gotten better soon” after treatment by firefighters and paramedics.

The truck also cost a mere $850,000.