With weather turning decent, area man excited to pretend to like camping again

Area man Mark Pine is excited to begin pretending to like camping again now that the weather seems to have shifted into summer mode.

On his family’s insistence, the Pine’s will be taking their tent trailer to Lakelse Lake, where Mark will go through the motions of enjoying the air, the lake, and just generally getting away from it all.

“I bought a 50-inch TV this year. Yeah sure I’ll miss it, but as much as I’ll miss smelling like smoke and being bitten my mosquitoes?” he asked. “Hardly. ”

Mark began reminiscing about other amazing camping experiences, like poor morning coffee, 40 minute waits to fill up his water tank, and just generally getting away from all of life’s luxuries which mankind has developed over a millennia of existence.

“It’s just nice, you know, to work all year to have good things and a good home and to be in a place in life where you can just decide none of that is as good as putting yourself at risk of bears,” he added. “Nothing beats a great night camping among the trees, not even indoor plumbing and pillow-top mattresses.”

Mark then emphasized that was definitely not a tear running down his face.