Swashbuckling pirates fended off at Rio Tinto wharf again

Swashbuckling pirates were once again fended off at Kitimat’s port, as they tried to plunder treasure from parked transport ships.

No damage or injuries¬†were reported to Rio Tinto’s wharf as the pirates’ 16th century naval vessels were no match against Kitimat’s community defences.

Kitimat’s mayor says the town will never stand for naval aggression from pirates and the town will continue to invest in strategic defence spending to protect the community’s and local companies’¬†assets.

The battle was, admittedly, quite daring as pirates swung on ropes onto the ships, but previous cross-training initiatives means Rio Tinto port workers are heavily trained in sword fighting and the company’s emergency supply of cutlasses were deployed.

Inspectors are currently reviewing whether any ancient marine curses had been afflicted to local persons following the skirmish.