Re-branding of Trigo’s building to a Trump Tower proceding well

The Trigo’s building is slowly working its way to a rebranding as a Trump Tower, as the letters have finally been revealed on the side of the building.

The change is being hailed as a positive piece of downtown Kitimat revitalization.

“What will really put Kitimat on the map but having a building of our very own branded with one of the world’s most famous names!” said Bert Bowers of the Kitimat Development Group. “We can’t wait for Phase 2 of the development which will include a Trump steakhouse where Pedro’s is currently.”

Ivanka Trump’s clothing line will now be a main component of the fashion to be sold in the building’s second-level clothing store, and all of the tools sold in the hardware store will, oddly enough, be branded MAGA.

As a condition in its development permit the Trump organization also has free reign to demolish the Kitimat Museum & Archives at any moment if they feel the building interferes with their sight lines.