Bear Aware season means Riverlodge once again offering man versus bear karate lessons

As any outdoorsy person knows, the potential for bear-human conflict is very real. That’s why the Riverlodge is once again offering a martial arts course geared to teach people how to effectively karate-chop a grizzly.

Participants will be shown a step-by-step process on how to engage with a bear – black, grizzly, spirit, or other – in hand to hand physical contact.

As always, the final examination before passing the course will have participants having to establish an effective choke-hold on an attacking bruin.

“This course has been an absolute lifesaver,” says area resident Darlene Richie. “And the fact that it’s totally immersive is great. The instructor is never not in a life-size bear costume.”

Due to the cost of bringing in live bears for demonstrations and hefty insurance premiums, the course is a pricey $3,000 each, but registrants have the option for fundraising by hosting public exhibition matches against the bears themselves.

Riverlodge officials also emphasize that bears have never been harmed through the execution of this course. Humans, however, have had far less luck in the matter.