Kitimat woman who married Terrace man admits she just has thing for foreign accents

Bethany Connors, who married a man from Terrace six years ago, admits the appeal was the man’s foreign accent.

“There’s always an allure to people from other regions, with the way they say words,” said Connors. “I just couldn’t resist my husband’s Terrace accent. It sounds so smart and mysterious.”

The attraction to accents, Terrace’s in particular, is no new phenomenon, with many citing the language pronunciation differences as a big appeal.

“Seriously,” continued Connors. “Early in our relationship he once said ‘You need me to bring you anything from Walmart?’ and I couldn’t barely stand up!”

When the pair were married they continued to display their appeal to foreign places by holding a destination wedding in Telkwa.

However there are limits to what she is attracted to as Connors said no way would she be with someone with a Prince Rupert accent.