Bored Barack Obama crashes Kitimat council meeting

Former United States President Barack Obama, bored as he adjusts to post-POTUS life, crashed Kitimat’s council meeting last week speaking on a variety of topics from how impressed he is at Kitimat’s town design to the local fishing.

“So this town was designed with those horseshoe streets, huh?” said Mr. Obama, 40 minutes into his presentation, as councillors clearly eager to move on in the agenda were afraid of cutting off the former leader of the free world. “What a neat design. Really cuts down on street traffic doesn’t it?”

As time went on, the mayor tried to steer the presentation to a conclusion but Obama continued on, launching a PowerPoint presentation of photos of him around town.

“This is me, uh, at your Hospital Beach. What a great place.”

Obama finally made an awkward retreat after the town’s Chief Administrative Officer was tackled by Secret Service when he approached Obama with a fresh glass of water.