Kitimat experiences identity crisis as Vancouver hit with snowfall warning

The community of Kitimat is reeling after news that the Vancouver area is experiencing another batch of snowfall as the sun beams brightly over our own northern community.

“You mean to tell me Vancouver is getting hit with more snow while Kitimat – KITIMAT! – basks in sunshine?” said area resident Derick Smith. “You know what the name Kitimat means, right?”

Legend has it Kitimat once received snow.

Kitimat, as many know, is a Tshimshian word which means “People of the Snow.”

With the experiences in Vancouver and the dry, cold winter Kitimat has so far had, officials in the community are quickly skimming local First Nations language books to figure out how to rename Kitimat to past tense.

“Clearly we need to rebrand as Kitimated, or something,” said George Laker. “Whatever word will mean ‘people who once, at a time, were of the snow, but not now.'”

Kitimat’s Public Works department is already seeing a surge of abandoned snow blowers left along Kitimat’s streets