Town reveals top Minette Bay West concept is development of Disney theme park

After completing a review of community and stakeholder input over the development of the Minette Bay West lands, the District of Kitimat has announced that they will be moving ahead with a process to develop a Disney-themed park resort on the property.

Disneyland Kitimat coming soon.

At 191 hectares, the land is already larger than the area of the Disneyland park in California.

The park, to be dubbed Disneyland Kitimat, will include a number of locally-themed attractions, including a scaled-down replica of Mount Elizabeth with roller coaster, and a Splash Mountain-type ride where riders traverse Kitamaat Village Road in a log.

Kitimat-themed Fantasy Land-style dark rides will also include taking a car through the back halls of the Luso Canadian Club while Luso Ladies take chase to offer you seconds on dinner.

Residents will be sent notifications in the near future on how to claim credits for free ear plugs to counter the daily fireworks and parades.

Also, Elsa and Anna will be added to the Welcome to Kitimat snowflake statue at the entrance to town.