Congestion out of control as man forced to park extra 30 paces from No Frills entrance

Citing the ongoing problem with congestion in Kitimat, area man Darryl Hewes says he was forced to park outside the No Frills parking circle, approximately an extra 30 paces from the door to the grocery store.

This was not before Hewes made three loops around the parking circle seeking  a parking space that would give him preferential access and line of sight of the front door. As it is he had to park more in the greater Lower City Centre parking lot.

“Can you believe how busy it’s getting in Kitimat?” said Hewes. “And once, at Save-on-Foods, same thing, I had to park 3 parking lanes away from the entrance.”

Hewes is adding this to his ongoing list of frustrations, including an occasional 90 second wait before being able to merge onto Lahakas Boulevard from Tsimshian Boulevard.

Hewes hoped to use his time in the grocery store to reconnect with members of his church community after having attended services 15 minutes earlier.