Neighbourhood up in arms over council steamrolling planned high-density bat condos

Neighbourhood residents of Konigus Street and surrounding neighbourhoods in Kildala are up in arms over the Kitimat Council approving new high-density bat condos without proper notification to affected homeowners.

“So these bats were living in the old Sea Cadet building illegally, and suddenly we’re bending over backwards to construct bat condos?” said one Konigus Street resident who wished to remain anonymous for fear of reprisal from her new bat neighbours. “There is a process for allowing this sort of development and I feel it was not followed.”

The approval of bat condos follows the discovery of approximately 1,500 little brown myotis bats in the attic space of the condemned Sea Cadets hall.

“I just hope the town collects a fair share of tax revenue from these condos,” the anonymous homeowner continued. “We can’t just be giving our land away. And I hope if there’s a continued slump in our local economy that these condos won’t lay empty, dropping our property values.”

This recent development follows on Kitimat Council’s ongoing history of giving preferential treatment to small mammals, beginning with the approval years ago of a dedicated squirrels-only park.