Northern Sentinel successfully tests drone-based paper delivery system

Kitimat’s long-standing newspaper the Kitimat Northern Sentinel is boasting a successful delivery by aerial drone of their weekly newspaper.

The drone, which can carry one newspaper at a time, can successfully deliver all of the Sentinel’s subscribers’ papers in a mere 6 days of continuous flight.

“The Northern Sentinel, in its continuing quest to meet our readers’ 21st century demands, is pleased to bring unmanned aerial flight as just one more bonus to our loyal subscribers,” reads a statement from the company.

The Sentinel had to overcome wind issues where large gusts may still be carrying the December 14th edition through the Kitimat Valley.

There was also an incident where a neighbourhood dog leapt to bite an incoming newspaper, startling the drone causing it to fly away, dog still attached by his teeth. The dog was later recovered on the roof of the City Centre Mall.

“With this successful test flight in the bag,” the company continued, “We can look forward to expanded automated delivery, and perhaps even large-scale ‘carpet-bombing’ style deliveries to neighbourhoods with a dense population of subscribers.”

This latest attempt follows the Sentinel’s failed 2004 experiment to launch rolled-up newspapers to homes using a modified ballistic cannon, based at their Service Centre office.