Town to unveil plaque to honour Kitimat pioneers who cleared first path on toboggan hill

The community of Kitimat is rallying behind a plan to erect a commemorative plaque dedicated to the brave Kitimat pioneers who first cleared a path of compacted snow at the toboggan hill at the Hirsch Creek Golf and Winter Club driving range.

Residents arriving to the golf course on Boxing Day, following hours of snowfall, were filled with joy to see snow paths already made at the driving range hill.

“We can’t let these sacrifices go unnoticed,” said sledder Tabitha Gail. “We need to honour these pioneers’ memories.”

The paths were already made when Gail arrived with her family.

“We may never know the people or the full extent of their sacrifices in making these paths,” she said. “Any plaque will have to be dedicated to the Unknown Snow Packers.”

Along with the plaque the town is currently drafting a memorial song to be sung during a dedication ceremony.