Rag tag team bands together on expedition to see Star Wars in Terrace

A rag-tag bunch of Kitimatians have banded together to set off for Terrace to see the new Star Wars film.

The perilous journey required weeks of planning, coordination, and a healthy dose of gusto.

“This was no simple task,” said Fred Douglas. “A trip to Terrace to see Star Wars, or really any film, is a logistical nightmare.”

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story image from starwars.com.

Planning for this expedition included carefully setting departure times to still allow concession purchases, and debating which vehicle could best traverse the landscape between Kitimat and Terrace.

“I can’t believe we’ve pulled it off this far and are ready to head to Terrace,” said group member Derick Farnsworth. “Some days you don’t think seeing a movie in Terrace is possible at all, then everything falls into place.”

The group has also stockpiled a large amount of food rations for the trip as well, in case there are delays on their journey.

The group sets off shortly and are currently saying their goodbyes to their spouses before the trek.