“Last I checked I don’t live in Las Vegas!” cries area resident oddly furious over electronic sign

Area resident Reginald Avery is lashing out over a new electronic message board installed near the Kitimat Public Safety Building fine, the fire hall. It’s the fire hall.

“What is this? Some sort of depraved metropolis of sin?” asked Avery. “We don’t live in Las Vegas. This is Kitimat. We don’t need electronic signs like this promoting depravity!”

The sign will include community safety notices and information for passing motorists on Haisla Boulevard.

“It’s at best nothing but propaganda, and at worst a mind control device which seeks to destroy us all,” added Avery. “Have you seen what they have on these signs in places like Vegas? They’ll be lewd photos blasted on there for our kids to see before you know it!”

Asked if he had any evidence that such a thing would happen he simply screamed “I know what I’m talking about!”

Neighbours claim Avery is normally well-adjusted but does often lament he wishes things would just stay the same.

Avery was last seen yelling incoherently at the sign.