Following successful open letter to Canada, Kitimat pens letter to Ikea

On the heels of Kitimat’s widely shared open letter to the Government of Canada, the mayor has decided to follow through with another letter to push for local economic development, this time arguing for the construction of a local Ikea store.

The letter is below:

An Open Letter to Ikea

Adding value-conscious furniture and food choices to residents

Ikea, you may not realize how popular you are to the people of Kitimat.

The District of Kitimat appeals to you to establish one of your megastores in our community. You can build over Mountainview Square if you want, we’ll make sure everyone there is relocated.

Kitimat believes in value-based furniture and food choices. We’re certain development of an Ikea store will boost the local, regional, and the provincial economy.

Your affordable, tasty breakfasts will no doubt be a draw to people in the entire surrounding region, and your children’s play areas and furniture showrooms will provide an inherent value for the community.

We of course can’t forget your famous meatballs and other consumables. A furniture store that sells food, amazing! But I digress.

It is with these sentiments that Kitimat supports your introduction to the community. While there are certainly some environmental risks to such an undertaking – most pressing is the risk of our landfill suddenly overflowing with Kaustbys, Opplands, and Boholmens – we believe these risks can be overcome.

Kitimat encourages all levels of government to come together to start a serious conversation about having a locally-based Ikea store. We must all come together to collaborate on policies which can lead to me getting regular access to your Kottbulars.

Together we can bring access to the entire Northwest of Ikea’s products, which will support local employment and also provide a new place for us to go on Sundays.


The Mayor