Old lady Ellen G. not sure why everyone cares so much about her plants

Old Lady Ellen Gamble – affectionately known by many as Ellen G. – continues to be perplexed at the number of people interested in her garden.

“My plants are none of their business,” said Ellen G., 78, who has been deluged with people asking about her plants. “They’re always asking about it. I don’t know why.”

She also remains entirely confused over why people want to work for her.

“First things first, you don’t build a plant, you grow them,” she said. “And if they’re talking about the garden itself, my flower beds were built by my husband in 1978, and I see no reason to change them now.”Ellen G.

Meanwhile she remains furious over the suggestion that her plants are not good for the environment.

“What a ridiculous statement!” she exclaimed. “The next person to ask me about my emissions is getting a swift smack of my cane on their back-end.”

As the interview concluded, another 40 resumes were slipped through the mail slot on her door.