Residents joyously welcome the arrival of disgusting icy sludge

Residents in Kitimat are singing praise for the arrival of icy, disgusting sludge.

“It’s a real winter wonderland,” said Gail Freeland, clearly not having any reason to leave the house today. “It’s such a wonderful time a year.”Icy sludge

The sludge can look attractive at distance, coating nature in a fine, white blanket. But over time, and when viewed up close, the material is found to be cold, wet, and utterly useless.

“Doesn’t this just fill you with winter spirit?” added Freeland, in between whistling of Jingle Bells. “I’m going to go put up my Christmas tree right now!”

Opinion surveys have the community split between people who genuinely enjoy the sludgy mess, and people who are putting on a brave face until Christmas ends before they can formally announce they’re done with all this.