Concerns remain over multi-million dollar player contracts for Kitimat Ice Demons

Public debate continues to swirl over rapidly inflating contracts for the Kitimat Ice Demons as players continue to enjoy multi-millions in salary.

While top officials in the CIHL say high player salaries is simply a fact of life, fans remain split as the high pay results in what some say are the ‘ludicrous’ ticket prices of up to $10.

Official Team Logo

Official Team Logo

“If I want to take my kid you’re telling me I have to, assuming it’s not free kid Sunday, shell out an entire $5?” said fan Glen Fairview. “Meanwhile the Ice Demons are living the high life riding limousines, flying first class, and drinking champagne.”

Recently announced contracts have players earning up to $15 million over a five-year span.

Concerns also flow over the other consequences of rising team costs, with rumours circulating that major sponsorships will have to help sustain salary growth.

Sources tell the Snow Valley Guardian the Tamitik Arena may soon be renamed the “Kokanee Ice Stadium in Kitimat.”