Kitimat residents enraged that Trump declared President before their votes were tallied

Kitimat residents are reeling after Donald Trump was declared President-elect of the United States, well before their votes in the election could be counted.

“It’s like our vote in Kitimat doesn’t even matter,” said Gregory Poulin, throwing his hands in the air. “They just called the election like that, and we’re not even given the chance to send in our ballots.”

Donald Trump. Photo by Gage Skidemore.

Donald Trump was declared the winner even before Kitimat’s votes could be tallied. (Photo by Gage Skidemore,.)

It’s an issue that seems to run deeper than just this past Presidential election.

“Remember the primaries?” said Kitimat resident Hailey Bernard. “I don’t feel our support of Bernie Sanders really meant anything in the scheme of things.”

Bernard walked off, shouting “Feel the Bern!” as she did.

As the mood calms following the election, lawn signs for Trump, Clinton, even Gary Johnson were being taken off people’s lawns.

In past interviews, candidate Johnson was unable to say where Kitimat is located.