DC Comics upset after learning Kitimat’s motto is actually “A Marvel of Nature and Industry”

Citing unfair association, the DC Comics company has written to the District of Kitimat expressing their displeasure after learning the community slogan is “A Marvel of Nature and Industry.”

Kitimat's logo and slogan, from the District of Kitimat's website.

Kitimat’s logo and slogan, from the District of Kitimat’s website.

Marvel is a competing comics company.

The head of DC Comics, the company behind such icons as Superman and Batman, says the town motto shows flagrant preferential treatment and doesn’t allow residents to choose for themselves their favourite comics company.

Meanwhile Marvel has praised the town for its explicit support of their products and characters.

“We appreciate the support,” the company said in a statement. “Maybe we’ll see if we can get Marvel Studios to have The Avengers blow up Kitimat in their next film. That’d be cool, yeah?”