Grassroots working group considers adding quotation marks on Downtown Kitimat sign

A grassroots working group of Kitimat residents are pondering whether or not to add quotation marks around the word ‘Downtown’ on the Downtown Kitimat sign.

While the City Centre area is undoubtedly Kitimat’s downtown, many out-of-town visitors sometimes aren’t sure what to make of Kitimat’s mall/political hub (the municipal offices occupy the mall’s third floor)¬†and occasionally wonder if there’s other shopping centres they’re missing in town. "Downtown" Kitimat

Hence the group is considering adding qualitative quotation marks around the sign.

“We’re incredibly proud of Kitimat’s downtown,” said David Miser, Chair of the working group. “Of course people not used to small town life may find it ‘different’ from downtown cores they’re used to.

Miser made the motion for air quotation marks as he spoke.

A survey of Kitimat residents show they’re more keen to brand the area as a ‘Downtown’ if Kitimat would just get a damn bowling alley again, I mean come on!