Area resident unsure how to pronounce ‘Wakashan Avenue’ without sounding like a dork

A local man trying to say “Wakashan Avenue” is struggling to not come off sounding like a dork.

Garrett Thomas was just trying to explain the name of the road which runs past the Envision plaza and Kitimat Library, but after uttering the words realized he sounded like a dork.

- Google Street View

– Google Street View

“It’s a serious name with a rich cultural history in B.C.,” said Thomas. “But damned if I know how to say it without being all weird about it.”

Thomas, as have most people, has also vowed never to attempt to refer to the street which runs along the Upper City Centre MallĀ – Tsimshian Avenue.

“Nope, not even going to try that one,” said Thomas.

The Kitimat Information Centre is considering launching a pronunciation workshop for tourists next summer. Another program aims to inform local Kitimat residents of street names as well, to prevent such confusions for poor tourists such as “turn left at the old hospital,” or “That place where the pharmacy used to be.”