Clairvoyant co-worker declares summer officially over

An employee of a business in downtown Kitimat has confidently declared summer over after waking up to drizzling rain and clouds this morning.

With only days until September, the sign of cool weather and rain means that there will be no more sunshine until a cold snap sometime in December, he said.

“Summer is definitely over,” said Carl Brant, walking through work’s front door. “It’s going to be like this for months now.”

While summer is not officially over until September 22, Brant knows how the month will play out.

“It’s just going to rain, rain, rain,” he said.

When asked about the appearance of sunshine later in the afternoon, he said it’s just a false hope.

“I know a thing or two about the fall season around here,” he said. “It’s almost just about time to get out our shovels even.”