Exclusive, prestigious club formed for persons with a 632 phone number

Realizing their valued space in life, persons in Kitimat who hold a 632 prefixed phone number have formed an exclusive club to discuss life and happiness from atop their ivory tower of privilege.

Persons with 639, 778 and other prefixes for the area need not apply as the 632-club is invite only and phone numbers have to be verified.phone-1074238_640

“We have a caller-ID system that will immediately redirect a caller from any phone number other than 632,” said club president and founder Deborah Hill. “We think it might re-direct to¬†the payphone on the lower level of the mall. We’re actually not quite sure.”

The members have so far enjoyed their distinct club space away from other Kitimatians who don’t have a 632 number.

“It’s just the authentic Kitimat experience, you know?” added Hill.