Man furious at whoever keeps stealing his garbage collection every week

Kitimat man John Glickman is furious at whoever it is who keeps stealing his prized trash collection each week.

Glickman spends the whole week carefully accumulating garbage so he can proudly display it at the end of his driveway each Friday.Trash

Yet when he comes back home from work he finds his collection stolen, along with everyone else’s collection on his street.

“We really have to band together to figure out who’s doing this,” said Glickman. “The police appear to be doing nothing and I’m sick of it!”

Glickman continues to put out his garbage for display each week hopeful the bandits have had their fill of their crime spree but he always finds the same results.

“I won’t let these criminals win. I’ll keep putting out my trash no matter what. We can’t let them win.”