Kitimat taxpayers not entirely sure mayoral motorcade needed

Concerned Kitimat taxpayers are giving an eye of scrutiny over town expenditures for a mayoral motorcade, nearly identical to motorcades used for United States presidents.

The District of Kitimat says the security of the mayor is the primary draw to the constant 12 car procession whenever he goes anywhere.

“Sure the mayor’s a pretty important job,” said Barbara Stiles, a concerned local taxpayer. “But constant police escort and bullet proof limousines? Seems a bit excessive.”motorcade

The town says the decision was made simply out of an abundance of caution. As well it ensures the mayor can quickly attend any location in town without concern of traffic disruption for himself.

“Not again!” a number of drivers were heard to say as they were forced to the side of the road on Wakashan as the motorcade departed City Centre Mall where the municipal offices are located.

Responding to criticism though the municipality did say they’d scale back the use of the Kitimat One 747 jetliner.