Fingers poised over thermostats in case situation deteriorates further

Fingers all across Kitimat were poised at the ready over household thermostats as tense residents monitored the weather situation.

“It’s currently hovering around 13 degrees,” said Mary Smith, never moving far from the controls of her furnace. “This is total madness.”

Artists interpretation of the sun

An artists interpretation of the sun, presuming it still exists.

The damp chill has put a run on the town’s supply of sweaters and blankets.

Resident Patrick Widdle said it really doesn’t feel like June.

“We’re just about officially into summer,” he said. “I can’t believe this weather. It’s June, I just can’t bring myself to turn on my furnace, but it just may have to come to that eventually.”

Kitimat’s emergency services have issued a statement advising residents to please refrain making parallels to this month feeling “more like February!” as such idle conversation could make the current volatile situation worse.

They further advised to not trust current forecasts as any indication of warmth or sunlight may create too high of hopes for people.