Man with just 3 minutes to get to appointment increasingly unsure he’s going to make it

A Kitimat man living on Finch Street who has to be at City Centre Medical in about three minutes is increasingly unsure he’ll get to his appointment on time.

Philip Thomas, who’s in the process of getting his shoes on, has his fingers crossed that traffic will be at an absolute minimum so he can make his appointment.

“I can’t believe how fast time has gone,” said Thomas. “Feels like I just had nine minutes to spare, and now I’m down to three minutes. That won’t give me a whole lot of flexibility to arrive on time.”

Thomas plans to head north to Nalabila, then take a straight line down Lahakas Boulevard to reach the mall where the clinic is.

Thomas did intend to give himself far more time to get to his appointment by leaving at least two minutes earlier but got sidetracked making his shopping list.

“Let this be a lesson to everyone,” said Thomas. “This isn’t like the old days in Kitimat. You should always leave your house at least four minutes before your appointment to ensure you’re not late.”