Child not being fed enough, says your vovo

Your poor child is looking so hungry and under fed, says your vovo.

At your child’s last visit to grandmother’s, she was quick to report the child clearly seemed malnourished.

“Pobre coisa,” said vovo. “That child is all skin and bone. I better get him some soup.”

Vovo thinks you need to feed that child more

Reports from your vovo indicating child not eating enough. (Photo by Clarisa Rovira, from Creative Commons on Flickr.)

Despite insistence that the the child is fine, vovo was quick to open up a nearby pudding cup.

“Coma mais,” said vovo. “Eat, eat!”

Moments later some halibut from the freezer was being fried in preparation of a meal, a slightly early supper at 3 in the afternoon.

“We really have to get going,” you insisted, until vavo arrived from the garage and offered you a selection of beer and wine from the collection in the basement.

“Nonsense,” said vovo, cutting bread. “You eat and take some home for your poor starving child.”