Absolutely incredible! This man knows all of Kitimat’s streets by name

In an amazing display of higher intellectual power, an area man knows all of Kitimat’s streets by name.

Lucas Kendle dazzled his friends when he was able to accurately give directions in town by using the streets’ legal names.

“Yeah, the post office is just off Wakashan Avenue,” said Kendle. “You just have to turn off Lahakas Boulevard.”

Kendle, absolutely mesmerizing anyone within earshot, knew even the most obscure streets.SmartGuy

“Kathy? She lives just off  Nadina on Ochwe Street,” said Kendle, answering questions from his friends.

Kendle’s gathering of friends couldn’t believe it, many rushing to gather maps to confirm.

“I’d never even heard of Ochwe Street,” said his girlfriend Sarah. “Whenever we’re going to someone’s house I’m always like ‘they live on the street behind the high school,’ and he’ll say ‘You mean Smith?’ I don’t know how he knows this stuff!”

Kendle’s skill, however, is also a curse. His efforts to describe how to get to a house on Currie Street left his friends completely perplexed.

“I think that’s by the golf course,” said Sarah, to the nodding approval of the others.