Hundreds unemployed after closure of rumour mill

A major Kitimat industry experienced a shock as the local rumour mill has closed, said a guy I know.

If true – which it totally has to be – it means that hundreds in town could be out of work.

“I’m not saying where I heard it,” said Benjamin Cutler, a friend of a friend who has inside knowledge of the industry. “But clearly market conditions didn’t work in the mill’s favour.”

The closure will affect the supply chain from coffee shops to restaurants to social media.

“I have close friends who work in the rumour industry,” added Cutler. “Like this guy Daniel. He just bought a boat which I know for a fact he can’t afford. Now he’ll be scraping by to make payments!”

The Snow Valley Guardian didn’t call the mill to confirm the story but reporters did drive by the facility and yeah, it looks pretty closed.